Welcome to Furulundshemmet

At the Furulund rehabilitation centre we work with a cognitive perspective with the christian belief as foundation. We view every individual as a unique person with spirit, soul and body. To be able to reach change, you must involve all of those three. Therefore we work spiritually, medically and socially. In the familiar community we practice ”The golden rule”- One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.


From an individual implementation plan we try to strengthen the individual to recover and reach a meaningful and manageable life without alcohol and narcotics. The treatment is carried out with consultation with the employer. The treatment also involves social rehabilitation. This is done with lectures, trips, and visits at different consolidations and so on.


The efforts we can offer from within the individual implementation plan is following:

  • Curative discussions. 
  • Ego image training.
  • Relapse prevention.
  • Structured relaxation.
  • Motivating discussions based on MI.
  • Help with heighten the feeling of context, Meaningfulness and manageability. 
  • Discussions based on a cognitive perspective.
  • Training of routines to reach a everyday structure.
  • Medical appointments.
  • Recreational- and healthcare activities.
  • Visiting the mass and serenity prayer
  • Network supportive efforts.
  • Lectures.
  • Counseling and health-encouraging discussions with our nurse.
  • Support to the personal economy and contact with the authorities.
  • Help with personal life choices.